We are a family owned and operated Mongolian BBQ Buffet. We have designed our dining room with you in mind. We deliberately left plenty of open room so you won't feel crowded or cramped. You choose from our selection of fresh vegetables and meats, add different sauces for flavor, and watch our chefs cook your meal before your eyes. We also offer draft beer and cocktails.
Our Food

Ready to cook

Your creation is ready for the grill!

Food being grilled

Off the grill

It's Ready!!

Delicious Fresh Salad

Yummy Egg Drop Soup

Oven Fresh Sesame Buns

Fragrant Hot and Sour Soup

Tasty Sauces

Flavored by you to perfection!

Warriors Grill 010

Sauces customized to your taste :))

Garden Fresh Cabbage

Garden Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Green Onions

Crispy Fresh Celery

Sliced Fresh Mushrooms

Assembled by you

Your bowl is ready for the grill!

Freshest Ingredients

mmmm... Noodles

It's your own creation have fun

Top Quality Meats

Thinly sliced to perfection!


Ready to enjoy!

What a great meal


Just the way you like it!

Fresh Cookies

Baked fresh just for you!